Qualification 4.0 - risk-based and efficient

expert lectures - short presentations - networking

The SCC event offers specialist presentations for the cleanroom industry and an ideal ambience for get-togethers and simple, successful networking among the approximately 200 participants, suppliers and cleanroom operators.

Rooms are adequately dimensioned and all protective measures recommended by the BAG have been taken to ensure a good event even in the current corona situation. 

gempex supports the event with the expert presentation of Christian Schmidt, Senior Consultant, gempex GmbH - THE GMP-EXPERT Switzerland:
            Qualification 4.0 - risk-based and efficient.

Learn how you can reduce the effort for qualification, which advantages a pragmatic risk management offers and where great savings potentials can be found. Take along numerous suggestions and tips and benefit from the practical experience of gempex.

Participation in the event is free of charge.
Date: 15 June 2020, start 16:30.

Registration and further information is privided directly from the organizer SCC.

Anyone who already has questions on the topic in advance is invited to contact the speaker via info@gempex.ch.