Frank Studt Goes West and Shapes the Future

Frank Studt, Managing Director of gempex GmbH for the recent years, goes west. This time, his travels are nor related to GMP consulting, inspection readiness or IT validation, but the future. Perfectly prepared and precisely planned, he is dedicating himself entirely to his private life, leaving the pharmaceutical industry and GMP behind.

The official announcement:
Frank Studt, former Managing Director of gempex GmbH, has decided to leave the life sciences world and explore the life experiences world beginning in April 2024. 

We, the employees of gempex wish Frank all the best, good health and lots of fun, enjoyment and wunderful moments. We look forward to hearing about your experiences!  

gempex is grateful for everything Frank Studt has accomplished, promoted, achieved and introduced in and for the company. A letter of reference would emphasise enthusiasm and engagement, tackling even the most difficult tasks and seeing them through with , the joy and commitment with which professionalism and humanity founded on a wealth of experience and innovativeness.  

Thank you Frank!
See you soon.


Portrait Frank Studt

“Bringing customers and experts together, listening to people, understanding needs, finding what fits – that is the way how future can be shaped.”

Frank Studt strengthened the gempex management team with responsibility for Human Resources, Marketing & Sales since 2019. With more than 30 years of experience in the highly regulated life sciences industry, he had the best prerequisites to help shape the future-oriented course of gempex.

Based on his degree as a civil engineer at the University of Stuttgart, Frank Studt developed one of his passions, technical IT. Here he realized a benchmark-setting major project with a large construction and engineering company and was also at home in the validation of computerized systems.

This was followed by more than 20 years in management at several, also international group companies of a consulting and engineering firm. With extensive expertise in consultancy and technology, he has also steered his career path to Asia to inspect active substance manufacturers, logistics service providers, contract laboratories and finished pharmaceutical product manufacturers as a 3rd-party auditor for his customers.

Frank Studt consistently pursued the goal of bringing together the needs of his customers with appropriate specialists. Aside from technical expertise, the focus is always on people, because consultancy and implementation can only be successful when the people are a good fit. This was also his credo for setting the direction for future-oriented, lasting growth at gempex.

Frank Studt is leaving the life sciences world and concluding a highly successful professional career in April 2024.