gempex GmbH

Ralf Gengenbach and Peter Bappert looked back on a shared history when the company was founded and built it up together. They have been working together since 1997. The two share a commitment to the further development and expansion of the service brand. 

Ralf Gengenbach

“The challenges of my customer are my challenges. I therefore approach them with special care.”

Ralf Gengenbach

Graduate Chemical Engineer (Dipl.-Chem.-Ing. TU)
Managing Director

Ralf Gengenbach as Managing Director founded gempex GmbH in 2002. Today the company is one of the leading GMP service providers with an international orientation. 

With nearly 30 years of work experience in the GMP-regulated industry, Ralf Gengenbach actively supported the establishment of Good Manufacturing Practices by industry in Germany. He was involved in the development of GMP regulations and harmonising guidelines as a member of various workgroups and has been chair of the ECA Validation Group.

Ralf Gengenbach continuously is active in consultancy for challenging GMP projects and as a 3rd-party auditor. Primarily he drives the further development of the company. He is dedicated to efficiency and resource conservation in the design of professional, compliant qualification systems, especially in the context of new construction projects.

Ralf Gengenbach has been President of the Verein Interessengemeinschaft Pharmabau VIP 3000 (Pharmaceutical Construction Community of Interests) since 2013. He is actively involved in expert panels, gives presentations, and is a speaker and author of numerous technical publications. His work “GMP – Qualifizierung und Validierung von Wirkstoffanlagen” (GMP - Qualification and Validation of API Production Plants) is considered a benchmark in the industry.

Peter Bappert

“Individual problems demand individual solutions. Only then can goals be reached efficiently and requirements met.”

Peter Bappert

Process Technology Engineer (Dipl.-Ing (FH)
Managing Director

Peter Bappert has been active in management functions for the company since gempex GmbH was founded in 2002. In cooperation with Ralf Gengenbach, he as a managing director is responsible for the development of the GMP service provider.

Peter Bappert studied process technology at Hochschule Mannheim – University of Applied Sciences. He began his career in the field of facility planning for sterile pharmaceutical product plants. Then he switched to GMP consultancy and project execution, where he was responsible for a wide variety of GMP compliance projects for numerous companies in the life science industry over 20 years.

At gempex, Peter Bappert initially managed the API & Chemistry unit and established the topics of quality and project management. Today he is primarily responsible for business operations, controlling and process development, and continues to support challenging GMP projects.

In addition to creating good GMP tools and standards, his technical passion includes documenting the always individual customer requirements and realising custom solutions to meet specific needs. “No two projects are the same!”

Peter Bappert is a speaker at training events and seminars, and the author of numerous technical publications.