gempex customers are companies in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnology, medical devices, cosmetics and other industries as well as their suppliers. 

We highly value the trust of our customers. gempex completes around 200 GMP projects annually. A selection of references published in cooperation with our customers follows.  

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Review and adaptation of the zone concept for active substance and auxiliary material filling areas

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GMP readiness for Biotech Pilot Plant and long-term support as external GMP office

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Referenz Biomeva - gempex - the GMP-Expert

Development of a qualification and validation concept in the fermentative production of biopharmaceuticals

Referenz Degussa - gempex - the GMP-Expert | Fotolia

Target-Actual analysis with subsequent qualification and validation, facility for the production of UV absorbers

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Referenz Kettenbach - gempex - the GMP-Expert

GAP analysis and implementation of the resulting measures to prepare for an FDA audit, including support related to manufacturing dental products

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GMP Full Service for major new construction and technology transfer project for PVDC Coating in Asia

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Referenz Quisisana - gempex - the GMP-Expert

GMP concept introduction for international pharmaceutical product manufacturing, trade, wholesaling and shipment including inspection preparation and support

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Qualification and validation of a fully automated multi-product filling plant for disinfectant production


Referenz Stern Maid - gempex - the GMP-Expert

Validation planning, concept development including GMP compliance consultancy, qualification and validation in the production of foodstuffs, food additives and auxiliary materials

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