gempex – THE GMP-EXPERT has 20 Years Company Anniversary

- An internationally recognized expert in the service of product quality and patient safety 
- Inspection Readiness for life sciences customers as a key service quality benefit 
- Internationality firmly anchored: sites in Germany, China and Switzerland 
- A dedicated management team leads the company, each one under a specific focus
- From 15 to 80 in 20 years

An Internationally Recognized Expert in the Service of Product Quality and Patient Safety 

In June 2002, a team of 15 colleagues set out to be THE GMP EXPERT for the market. Today, 20 years later, this goal is within reach. In doing so, the task always poses new challenges, which gempex will continue to meet in the years to come. 

GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, aims to ensure product quality and thus safety for patients and consumers. gempex's customer base includes leading companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, medical devices, cosmetics, logistics and other life sciences industries. In the field of "Good Practices" such as GMP, GDP, ISO 13485 and comparable quality assurance systems gempex is a well recognized expert and supports the implementation of quality requirements worldwide.

"More than 80 employees, spread over several offices in three major market-defining countries, serve almost all sectors of the life sciences industries, whether manufacturing or supply," said Ralf Gengenbach, Founder and Managing Director of gempex. "This is visible evidence of a sustainable, well-established and now widely known company. To have a great team on board that is equally motivated and committed to it, acting responsibly and prudently with the highest level of professional expertise - that is what a service like ours is all about. I am proud of this."  

Quality, safety, trust - that's what gempex stands for. And ultimately, it is the employees who carry this performance promise into the market and reliably deliver good and valuable work to the respective customers. 

Inspection Readiness for Life Sciences Customers as a Key Service Quality Benefit 

This high level of expertise is accompanied by a performance promise to customers: Inspection Readiness. This is because the quality assurance of products whose production, storage and distribution are subject to Good Manufacturing Practice is regularly checked by the responsible authorities. For companies, it is essential to complete such tests, inspections or audits efficiently and safely. It is not uncommon for market access or manufacturing authorization to depend on this. 

A company producing food supplements for the European and American market, for example, has to fulfill several partially differing requirements and to prove this along specific specifications. gempex provides support here, both nationally and internationally, through inspection preparation and support, individual coaching and group training and, above all, by aligning company processes and facilities with the required compliance with the regulations. 

Inspection readiness therefore follows from immanent compliance and also from targeted, expert preparation for the inspection itself. If the quality management system is securely implemented, all requirements of the regulations interpreted, established and transferred into daily routine, a company is optimally positioned with regard to quality assurance. 

Since gempex itself also carries out a great number of audits on behalf of third parties, the colleagues understand exactly what is important in detail and how the situation looks from the perspective of representatives of the authorities. Experienced auditors take over the required auditing of suppliers worldwide.

Internationality Firmly Anchored: Sites in Germany, China and Switzerland 

It was a logical continuation of the successful business activities that led gempex to its own international locations. Already in 2005, the company operated directly from China, then in 2014 the subsidiary gempex China Ltd. was founded. With two locations in the meantime, in Guangzhou and Suzhou, local know-how and sound regulatory knowledge are applied. 

In combination with the GMP experts from Germany, gempex builds the bridge here, combines culture, language and the knowledge of different GMP requirements and helps Western companies to produce GMP compliant in China or supports Chinese contract manufacturers and suppliers in their partnership with Western companies. If required, gempex performs 3rd party audits, gap analyses and improvement programs. 

Switzerland also plays a major role for the international pharmaceutical and Medical Devices market. Since 2008, gempex Switzerland, today based in Sisseln in the canton of Aargau, has been serving customers in Switzerland and in the surrounding regions close to the border. The task is to implement requirements of Swiss legislation and its implementation in practice-oriented Quality Life Cycle Management for highly regulated production along the specifications of the regulating authority SWISSMEDIC. 

A Dedicated Team of Managing Directors is Heading the Company, Each One Under a Specific Focus 

The team of Managing Directors of gempex GmbH: Ralf Gengenbach, Peter Bappert, Frank Studt.

Over the years, an understanding of values has manifested itself at gempex, which shapes the common cooperation. Lived values are reliability and loyalty, openness and transparency, mutual esteem and creativity. In this sense, the team of Managing Directors guides the paths of the company, enables innovation, anchors the tried and tested and shapes new directions with foresight.

Ralf Gengenbach and Peter Bappert already looked back on a shared history when the company gempex was founded and built it up together. The two share a commitment to the further development and expansion of the service brand. Frank Studt strengthens the management of gempex in the responsibility for Human Resources, Marketing & Sales. 

Each member of the management team sets his own specific focus, acts under an individual focus. They can be found in the management portrait with the following quotes:

Ralf Gengenbach
"The challenges of my customer are my challenges. I therefore approach them with special care."

Peter Bappert
"Individual problems require individual solutions. Only then can goals be reached efficiently and requirements met."

Frank Studt
"Bringing customers and experts together, listening to people, understanding needs, finding what fits – that is the way to a successful future. Sustainability is important to me in every respect."

Supporting various social institutions and paying attention to sustainability within the scope of business activities go hand in hand with the responsible commitment of the gempex company. 

From 15 to 80 in 20 Years

gempex offers its more than 80 employees long-term prospects, a range of tasks with a lot of variety and, at the same time, a family working atmosphere.

gempex as an owner-managed company has placed itself over the years through financial stability, a good order situation and the unique market position also as an attractive employer and offers long-term perspective, a field of activity with a lot of variety and at the same time a family working atmosphere. 

As an employer, gempex focuses on perspective, future, enjoyable work and fulfillment from it. Because a profession with sound GMP expertise in the life sciences industry is a profession for life. In two ways: In addition to the perspective of the employees, the protection of the users - patients and consumers - is also in focus when it comes to GMP, to Good Manufacturing Practice. 

Structures such as mobile working, flexible working hours and working in dynamic teams offer freedom in everyday working life. Based on a technical and scientific background, the company's experts support quality assurance projects in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical or medical technology industries, thus ensuring the quality of the respective products by implementing the diverse national and international regulations. 
The required expertise is kept permanently up to date through an intensive and continuous internal training program. A good working atmosphere, appreciative interaction with each other and a place of work in - despite all professional expertise - almost family environment support the high solution capability of the company. 

The employer's claim:
We are GMP experts with a passion – and you can be, too!

At, there are constantly attractive entry-level opportunities for young professionals as well as for experienced professionals.

More About the Company Anniversary

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The company's anniversary was widely reported in the trade press. 

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