Guest presentation at THM: GMP certification of biological active substances

Technical University Mittelhessen of Applied Sciences (THM) with its Faculty of Life Sciences Engineering in Gießen is a highly attractive university for gempex to recruit new GMP talent. The GMP service provider based in Mannheim is increasingly participating in university booster clubs and support groups, giving guest lectures and presenting itself at university career days, and is a member of the advisory board for various faculties.

The lecture series on starting a career, to be given at THM of Applied Sciences for the biotechnology/biopharmaceutical technology master course of studies in the 2019/2020 winter semester, is ideal for providing the future graduates with insight into various branches of industry and perhaps motivating the indecisive to choose a certain direction.

With the two GMP experts Dr Ralf Aubeck and Manuel Kress, gempex will provide the students with insights into the highlights of GMP certification for biological active substances and thus show how the knowledge obtained through learning is put into practice in a GMP consulting firm. Dr Ralf Aubeck as Principal Consultant at gempex and certified auditor with nearly 30 years of professional experience brings expertise and experiences in various subject areas within the industrial GMP world to the table.

Manuel Kress, Consultant at gempex since four years, tells the auditorium first hand what starting a career at gempex as a “GMP greenhorn” is like, what training and development opportunities are offered, and what the daily work of a GMP expert consists of. It is certainly anything but boring – we can say that much in advance.

Following their presentation, the two speakers will be available for questions related to GMP, entering the field of GMP consulting, gempex as an employer and anything else that career starters need to know.

Insights into the highlights of GMP certification for biological active substances
16 January 2020 | 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Building D10 | Room 3.02
Dr Ralf Aubeck, Principal Consultant
Manuel Kress, Consultant