VIP3000 Experts Dialogue in Hamburg – a resounding success

The first VIP3000 Experts Dialogue held on 11 and 12 April 2019 drew more than 80 interested participants to Hamburg with the topic “The Perfect Pharmaceutical Project”. Ralf Gengenbach, CEO of gempex GmbH and President of the VIP30000 (Verein Interessengemeinschaft Pharmabau 3000 e.V.), was very satisfied after the event.

“We, the association, received a great deal of positive feedback on our first event with this dialogue character – from the content and structure of the event to the accompanying supporting programme. Naturally it makes you want to start organising the next event right away,” says the President of the VIP3000. Planners, engineers, outfitters and users in the pharmaceuticals industry enjoyed intensive exchanges at Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg over the course of two days. Keynote speaker Hitoshi Takeda delivered a perfect prelude for in-depth discussions of trends and personal experiences, which got rolling on day 1 in six different workshop groups. On the second day, the workgroup results were presented to the entire plenum so everyone achieved the same state of knowledge by the end of the event.

Top-class speakers and renowned pharmaceutical industry representatives dedicated themselves to the following topics related to the perfect pharmaceutical project:

  • All beginnings are difficult – the right way to launch projects
  • Perfection with modern technology 4.0
  • When the quality unit has its say – GEP & GMP
  • Purchasing has the last word – always?
  • Hurdles – the authorities play their part
  • Smart building infrastructure – possibilities and limits

“I especially liked how mixed the groups were, and the variety of experiences everyone contributed. This resulted in a very intensive and helpful exchange of experiences in my workshop,” says Gunther Schmidt, Head of Qualification at Bayer. “The venue, the evening event, the tour of XFEL – all around, a professional event with excellent opportunities to expand your network!”

At the end of the event, numerous participants indicated they would like to attend another Experts Dialogue. With around 60 members, the VIP3000 has an extensive network so a subsequent event could be at least as attractive in terms of content and participants. Thus we can look forward to what will come!

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