Use of Electronic Document Management Systems - Selection, Planning, Implementation, Practice

SOPs (standard operating procedures) are the basis for all work in a documented Quality Management System. The correct design of an SOP, training and implementation are among the most important professional skills for a company to maintain a compliant Quality Management System.  
To ensure the reliable and efficient handling of these standard documents. predominantly Electronic Document Management Systems (eDMS) are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The features of these eDMS requires a fundamental analysis in form of a User Requirement. The desired use and the procedure for implementation must be planned in detail. After all, the subsequent success and acceptance of such an eDMS in the daily work is based on these prerequisites. Last but not least, the eDMS need to be maintained and actively developed during operation as a life-cycle approach which will save valuable resources during operation!

The seminar "Writing, training, implementing and managing SOPs" (D2), which the organizer Concept-Heidelberg is holding as part of the "Documentation" course on 25 June 2024 in Heidelberg, is dedicated to these topics. The basics for the correct creation of SOPs as well as all important key points on the suitability and selection of a suitable eDMSwill be taught.

gempex supports the event with practical expertise and sound didactic know-how. Dr. Martin Melzer, Principal Consultant at gempex GmbH, will speak on the "Use of electronic Document Management Systems (eDMS)".

In a workshop, participants from production, technology, quality assurance, quality control, IT, licensing and project management apply what they have learned using a practical and realistic example and consolidate the new knowledge. 

What is the proficiency of the various document management systems - a comparison. What is important for their selection? How is implementation carried out?
Anyone with questions like this is invited to attend the seminar. A registration form is available on the website of the organizer Concept Heidelberg.

gempex will be available to answer questions on the topics of SOP, document management and the use of electronic Document Management Systems. Dr. Martin Melzer, Principal Consultant at gempex GmbH, can be reached at

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