Mittelstandsstipendium 2023 in Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim

gempex has awarded two scholarships to Eveline Priebe and Anika Dauenhauer, students of biotechnology at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.  
Congratulations to both of them! 

gempex and the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences have been closely connected for a long time. In addition to its membership in the Association of Friends of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, gempex regularly awards scholarships to students in the biotechnology department.  

The Mittelstandsstipendium offers students with above-average as well as those with average examination results the opportunity to receive a scholarship worth 1,000 euros. The scholarship holders are selected by medium-sized companies, whereby practical experience is also taken into account in the decision-making process. This means that even applicants with average performance have a realistic chance of receiving the scholarship. 

Through the "gempex Academy", gempex supports new colleagues in entering the world of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by providing them with individual and personalised training. Especially for graduates with an engineering or science degree related to biotechnology or process engineering, gempex is an attractive employer, as the projects in the daily work routine are varied and interesting and provide insights behind the scenes of the big players in the life science industry.  

If you would like to find out more about gempex, please feel free to browse through the job advertisements. The company is always looking for new talents to become part of the team.  

For questions about career opportunities at gempex, please contact Maximilian Kuhn, Manager Human Resources, via