Medical cannabis according to GMP

The trend continues: The cannabis manufacturing industry is recording growing interest in the medical application of cannabis products, especially THC-containing pharmaceuticals. Due to the strict legal requirements for the production of pharmaceuticals and the associated active ingredients, many cannabis manufacturers are facing new challenges. A structured approach to the production and marketing of THC-containing cannabis products can become a success factor in this context.

The quality requirements for the production of medical cannabis focus on topics such as personnel, hygiene, raw materials, technical equipment, documentation, processes, analyses and much more. These requirements (for production in Switzerland) are specified in the European Guidelines as well as in the PIC/S Guidelines. Anyone wishing to export their products to countries outside the scope of the EU and PIC/S will have to observe further GMP guidelines.

In his article "Medical cannabis according to GMP", Ralf Gengenbach describes the optimal procedure in clear terms, even for those who are not common with GMP - from the product idea, including business strategy, to the basic structural design and GMP compliance.

The article was published in Hanf Magazin and is available for download (German language only) on our page GMP Knowledge.

For questions on this topic, Ralf Gengenbach, author of the technical paper and Managing Director of gempex GmbH, and Dr. Ralf Prescher, Senior Consultant at gempex, will be happy to answer your questions via