GIRP Provides Expert GDP Discussion Platform to European Wholesalers supported by gempex GmbH

gempex news - GIRP provides expert GDP discussion platform to European wholesalers supported by gempex GmbH

During a workshop at the GIRP (European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers) headquarters in Brussels, quality specialists from European wholesalers discussed the newly introduced regulatory GDP requirements with senior management of GMP consulting and execution company, gempex GmbH. Focusing on Quality Risk Management, Qualification of key equipment and Validation/Verification approach for quality-relevant IT-Systems, procedural knowledge from the GMP regulated industry  was introduced and adapted to the GDP world of medicines wholesalers. Presentation of documents on Best Practice examples led to a comprehensive intellectual exchange between the experts coming from different countries and wholesale organizations in Europe.

gempex GmbH supports European wholesalers in the implementation of the new GDP guidelines.