GMP Audits in China

Regularly qualification of suppliers and service providers is mandatory for the GMP regulated industries. So, material and product suppliers and service providers like CMO/CDMO are required to be qualified and reevaluated periodically which includes but is not limited to onsite executed GMP audits.

gempex China offers Local Expertise Combined with Western Quality Standards

Especially for western based pharmaceutical companies, the long distance and local peculiarities often bring challenges when the auditee is located in Asia. Established as an affiliate of gempex Germany, the gempex China Team provides the 3rd party audit service and is an experienced and highly qualified partner especially for the asian market. With the experience of more than 500 audits gempex China has become for many western companies a long-term cooperation partner and enjoys a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction.

Located in Guangzhou and in Suzhou, gempex China is your local expert for GMP audits in China and in the Asian markets.

A special plus: Western experts can be called in if required

Your main advantages are:

  • International audit capabilities:
    EU/US/China/WHO/TGA/PICS etc. GMP and ISO audits
  • International expert teams: Chinese experts as well as western experts with diverse compliance inspection experience
  • Full coordination service from audit date arrangement until final CAPA clarification everything from one source

For more information

Please visit the gempex China website 3rd Party Audit Service.