What opportunities do experienced people have?

Which Opportunities do Experienced People Have?

It is not uncommon for experienced professionals at higher career levels to consider changing their work environment. This is also the case when location, workload and financial security have already become important factors. Here, however, the focus is increasingly on the attractiveness of one's own job, the desire for more creative freedom and self-fulfillment.

And the opportunities are manifold to realign one's own everyday working life from the ground up. In this context, "50+" does not represent a hurdle.

Professional Reorientation

Just do something new, get to know someone else, move on. The motivations for a change of employer are manifold. Basically, one can decide to change within the industry or to move from industry to service or vice versa.

After the first few years of work experience, GMP experts often switch from service provider to industry. A local job with less travel and a current financially attractive offer are enticing. The family situation plays an important role.

The switch of GMP-experienced people from industry to consultants tends to occur with increasing age, often after many years in the profession. One sees oneself at the end of possibilities, struggles with routine and wishes for a complete reorientation of the working world, in particular more freedom and creative possibilities. One would like to see one's experience put to good use.

When the GMP Expert Makes a Change

If one changes within the industry, the desire for a further step on the career ladder usually plays a role. GMP experts are in demand today, and placement is often quick. Finding one's feet in the new organization and absorbing the company's specifics determine the start with the new employer. However, even in large-scale industry, advancement opportunities are not scattered at will.

If you are more interested in freedom and want to determine and shape your own topics, work, environment and working hours, you are in good hands in a consulting service company. Even as a senior consultant, you can largely act freely and take on responsibility for topics in each new project. Depending on your experience, you can also take on responsibility for entire subject areas. The environment, characterized by specialists and consultants, helps you to quickly feel at home here.

A change to self-employment is also possible, of course, if you do not miss the security and environment of an established company. Freelance qualified persons, independent auditors or consultants can be found on the market for almost any of the common GxP systems (FDA, EU-GMP...). However, a certain basic financial security is certainly very advantageous here, because orders do not always arrive in the continuity that one would need for a constant workload.

And if the GMP Expertise is Missing?

For certain GMP tasks, basic technical training and comprehensive practical knowledge are a good starting position. Relevant GMP knowledge can be built up on-top even years later.

For example, in the area of IT validation, knowledge of the various IT and control systems can be of greater importance than knowledge of regulatory requirements. It is important to  understand the process deeply, the procedure, the system at the producing company and to be able to recognize the adjusting screws.

Career changers are also often considered for the qualification field. The knowledge of functionalities, technology of the means of production or, for example, aspects of construction or electrical engineering represent a good starting position. It depends on an individual attempt. The opportunities can often be outlined directly in a telephone conversation.

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