Variety, Open Exchange and Lots of Fun

My name is Thomas Raaf. I have been with gempex since April 2013 and I am the head of the "Onsite Execution" unit.

My tasks range from project acquisition and recruiting to the further development of each individual in my team.

My employees sometimes spend the duration of their project at the customer's site and work closely with their staff. This insight into the mostly big players of the life sciences industry is often a fantastic experience on the side of a manufacturing company. 

No GMP Experience? No Problem!

We are always looking for university graduates in my field. Anyone who thinks that they are far from being an "expert" after university and would therefore not be in good hands in my department Onsite Execution is far from it!

With a suitable degree and technical understanding in your hands, we can quickly get anyone ready for their first assignment with a customer.

And so much is learned here so quickly that you'll be in demand as a GMP expert sooner than you might think.

Close Contact and Regular Meetings

Even though I can't see many of my people every day, we maintain close contact; among other things, through my visits to them at the customer's site. Because close and open exchange is very important to me!

And to ensure that my whole team doesn't lose touch with gempex or with each other, there are regular meetings and departmental outings. Whether it's bowling, laser tag, climbing, canoeing or karting - fun is always in the foreground. This is closely followed by a big appetite, because nothing works without a common meal afterwards!

More Impressions

Whether it's canoeing or karting, bowling or laser tag - my team tells me where to go and coordinates with each other.

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