gempex Walks 488 Kilometers for a Good Cause

Particularly, one event will remain in our memory in the history of gempex company running: The "MegaMarsch" in 2018

The challenge:
100km on foot in less than 24h.

A power walk around Frankfurt am Main.
In order to make the upcoming exertions worthwhile for others, we called the MegaMarsch to a charity run for the Deutsche Leukämie-Forschungshilfe (German Leukemia Research Aid), whose local association Mannheim e. V. we have been associated with for years.


Team Experience of a Different Kind

Eleven of us joined the run on a gorgeous late summer afternoon in October 2018 and ran a total of 488km through the night. Refreshment stations at 10km intervals supplemented our own morsels, which we carried on our backs.

One of our group actually managed the 100km and dragged himself to the finish line at noon the next day. The respect for this performance was therefore huge and so were the blisters on our feet.

A great team experience, as we all agreed!


Donation Handover to DLFH Ortsverband Mannheim e.V.

With 5 EUR per kilometer and a rounded-up donation of 3,000 EUR, we were all really happy. The association supports children with cancer in the Mannheim Clinic and, in addition to various therapies, also makes it possible for the little ones to forget their diseases for a moment every now and then.
The aching limbs were definitely worth it - and not only thanks to the good cause!

If you would like to learn more about the association, you can do so at (German language).

More Impressions

Wonderful weather, a great atmosphere and the donation sum made this event very special for us.

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