Department Change Without Barriers

I am Daniel Herre and 27 years old. Originally I come from the heights of the Swabian Alb and studied pharmaceutical engineering in Sigmaringen, where my interest in GMP was triggered.

With my basics and also practical experience in the GMP area, gempex offered itself as the perfect starting and training opportunity.

I have been working at gempex since April 2018, and currently as a consultant in the project management area of the Pharma/Biotech department.

Onboarding Made Easy

I started in the department Onsite Execution. Many newcomers start in this department and quickly gain a lot of experience in projects at the customer's site.

My onboarding consisted of extensive basic training on the subject of GMP and on the daily work processes within gempex.

In addition, I was assigned an experienced mentor to whom I could turn for help with any questions.

Practical Relevance Guaranteed

However, the introductory phase not only included the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but also enabled me to put my learning directly into practice. To this end, I was already involved in several varied projects during the first week.

After three months, I also had the opportunity to give feedback in an interim probationary interview and to take part in further training if required. So until my first on-site assignment, I was active in internal projects and was able to gain initial experience in the project management area, which increasingly caught my interest.

Learning Success at the Customer Site

Almost a year after joining gempex, I went on a longer assignment in the course of a larger project in Lower Saxony. My task was to push the project as far as possible and  to establish a direct and personal contact between all project participants at the same time. In doing so, many tasks could be advanced much more quickly and efficiently.

In addition, I always had the possibility to get help from my gempex colleagues in case of questions or problems.

Maybe Change the Department?

Above all, the independent planning and execution of projects had raised my interest, and I began to think about a change of department.

I was able to discuss whether and how this would work directly with my supervisor Thomas Raaf in a very uncomplicated way. After further consultation with the manager of the Pharma/Biotech project management department, I received feedback that a direct transfer to the project team would be possible after my on-site assignment in Lower Saxony.

GMP Project Management - Just my Kind of Business

No sooner said than done. My colleagues in the project management department then familiarized me with all the other information and workflows. After a short time, I was already allowed to plan and work on projects independently, while always being able to rely on support.

Over time, the projects have become much more extensive and demanding. I'm increasingly able to implement complicated tasks on my own - that's motivating, provides variety and a lot of fun!

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