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Dedicated to a Good Cause

Dedicating yourself to a good cause has always been something special. Which is why your job with us is something special too. Protecting the patient is the number one priority when it comes to GMP – good manufacturing practices. Yet the profitability of our customer is also important to us. Quality must remain affordable – which is a challenge. The fact that the full range of technology and natural sciences comes to bear here as well will quicken your pulse.

We are GMP experts with a passion – and you can be, too!

Work and Life

Work-life balance was yesterday, fulfilment in our everyday activities is today. Working according to strict rules on a fixed 8-hour scheme is a thing of the past. With us you have all the freedom you need for creative and fulfilling activity. It is not about the place and time. You are creative where it is ideal for you, at the time when you can concentrate best. It is about solving the problems, not about attendance times.

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  • gempex supports mobile work. Given a fixed framework of hours, everyone decides for themselves when and where the completion of tasks fits in best. That makes everyday life easier and we accomplish more.
  • The working environment is defined by highly modern IT systems. This applies to the features of the workplace and internal tools such as the gempex Intranet, gempex app and an internal knowledge base.
  • Fulfilment, fun and excitement in daily activities. The people who work for us are enthusiastic about GMP and dedicated to their projects. We believe this is the right way for satisfaction, since work makes a considerable contribution to a fulfilling life.
  • Individually or in teams. We work on projects in a mix, usually in teams, sometimes also individually.
  • Modern workspaces. Modern, comfortable offices for up to four people are also found at gempex. If you want to spend some time alone, our reading corner for example is available to you.

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Career or Development?

Flat hierarchies and steep career ladders. We consider that a contradiction. People develop with challenging tasks by assuming increasingly more responsibility. Your development is determined by you rather than some superior. If this causes tasks to shift more towards the conceptual or the strategic aspect of the business, you are welcome to call it a career – we consider it your own personal development.

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  • The gempex Academy promotes development and continuing education with a broad-based training programme, established knowledge transfer and learning from best practices. gempex has a reputation as a hotbed of talent. Exchanges with technical experts in all areas are expressly desired.
  • New colleagues are assigned a mentor who supports them during the training period. We practice the mentor model as cooperative directing, instructing, leading and motivating.
  • gempex offers a working direction that develops experts. Individual development is based on projects and challenging tasks.
    • Graduates with very good basic knowledge have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the GMP field from the ground up. New entrants to the GMP world are purposefully prepared for customer tasks. They increasingly become GMP experts in demand.
    • Individuals with GMP experience find varied activities with gempex. In addition to interesting tasks, we also offer intensive networking with internal technical experts. Experience gets customers ahead and leads to success. Everyone is free to work, operate and create with personal responsibility while benefiting from the security and reputation of a recognised company.
  • We count on topical responsibility instead of hierarchies. There are no entrenched manager positions at gempex, but temporary work responsibilities aligned with projects, topics and tasks.

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How Much Security is Enough?

There never has been and never will be security. Everyone is responsible for their chosen path and for their own success. If you are talking about financial security, that is a matter of course for us and really does not require special emphasis. As an owner-managed company, name changes through mergers and acquisitions are taboo. Attractive remuneration, retirement provisions, additional insurance and participating in the company’s success form the basis of our community – that you belong to.

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  • The order situation has been positive for a long time and gempex holds an excellent market position. This too means security for you – an unlimited contract and a highly reliable employer. That is how things have always been at gempex.
  • By attractive remuneration, we mean a reasonable salary paid on time that is competitive in the market. Everyone determines their participation in the company’s success through their individual contribution.
  • gempex offers a company pension plan. Each employee is free to decide the extent of their pension.
  • Health comes first. gempex offers additional insurance coverage and regular health protection measures in the workplace.

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Private Life in The Company

For us the transition between private life and the company is flowing. One no longer works to live, one also lives in the company. With us you therefore find plenty of opportunities to meet with colleagues in your spare time and do exciting things. Celebrating successes is important to us as well. With us you are part of a social community where colleagues also value each other as people.

Join now and become a gempexian!

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  • The benefits of a midsize company. If you prefer things a bit more informal then gempex is right for you. Everyone knows everybody else, is always informed about everything and communicates at eye level.
  • At gempex you find a working atmosphere that not only offers room for your career development. We also promote and support recreational groups, recreational events, and for example participation in the company marathon. Intercultural aspects get their due as well.
  • Open communication and transparency in the company are important to us. All gempexians gather regularly for internal meetings. Here they network, learn from projects and talk with company management.
  • Working together also means having fun and celebrating together. Not magnificent and pompous, but sincere and friendly, for example at a grill & chill, the Christmas party or in the course of team events.

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Freedom, leeway and knowledge transfer

We “princes” at gempex have a tremendous range of tasks and projects – perfect! I am able to fully put the technical background to use that I have acquired in all those years.

This includes customers ranging from sterile production to medical devices to APIs, the respective project – gap analysis, audit, compliance consultancy, new construction planning etc. – or the transfer of knowledge from the mentoring principle to presentations and training. I highly value this integrated approach! And the unrivalled freedom.

Appealing: at gempex there are people behind the names. This makes team building easier. We know each other, even at the current size, we feel appreciated and practice mutual recognition.

Alexander Trautmann
Principal Consultant

Building expertise, remote and mobile yet part of the team

I had the opportunity to put myself to the test in a customer project shortly after starting my career with gempex. Although I jumped in the deep end, I was wearing a life vest! Internal training and discussions with experienced colleagues helped me strengthen and develop my expertise. That did a lot for me.

Thanks to the possibility of mobile work, I feel fully integrated with gempex even as an on-site employee. Events with colleagues such as the company marathon in Mannheim promote the feeling of belonging that is important to me.

Saskia Kröll

Broad personal responsibility and lots of variety

I value the holistic work with personal responsibility on the one hand and technical networking with colleagues on the other hand. Here you can always find someone in-house who knows something about a topic, no matter how specialised.

New customers, new projects and new industries make the job highly varied – even after 15 years, it is still enjoyable and challenging. There is no fear of boredom!

I believe the human interactions with colleagues at gempex are extraordinary. We are friendly, full of fun but also dedicated to our work.

Gerhard Kinzinger
Senior Consultant

I am wide awake and tried everything else!

GMP is no more equal to GMP than one customer is equal to another. Constantly adapting to new projects, demands and expectations keeps me wide awake!

Changing internal teams for projects mixes things up internally and ensures the transfer of know-how.

A very special experience: I had the opportunity to assume a broad range of tasks for gempex China. Cultural experiences – while I did not have to eat dog, I gladly tried everything else! – also expand my view of the world and the job.

Janhendrik Timm

For 10 years always something new and the opportunity to prove yourself

You can stay with gempex and develop yourself. I have been here for 10 years and encountered numerous new challenges, both technical and human, on the way from qualification engineer to manager. For example, the topic of GMP did not exist this way in the GMP world – and today logistics is my technical hobby-horse!

My day-to-day work is tremendously varied and exciting: acquisition meetings, offers, challenging consultancy, technical work in the teams, project management, presentations, trade fairs. You grow to become another “face of gempex”. And always have a new opportunity to prove yourself.

Tim Ohlrich
Manager Pharma / Biotech

Join Our Team!

gempex is growing in Germany as well as Switzerland. We are therefore hiring graduates in the engineering disciplines of pharmacy engineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering, process technology and mechanical engineering as well as individuals with work experience in the GMP world.

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