Expert Leasing

Increasing competition, intense pricing pressure, stricter regulatory requirements, more and more audits and inspections – all this without losing track of product quality. Demand peaks due to project-specific peak times may also play a role. Routine production must keep running unimpeded, the balance between cost effectiveness and quality standards has to be found. But how much flexibility is possible in your operation without putting cost effectiveness at risk or calling product quality and/or GMP compliance into question.

Qualified employees with current training can be provided by gempex with great flexibility. To prevent production downtime, cover peak loads and maintain GMP compliance.

GMP Experts with Practical Experience for Daily Practice

Thanks to many years of experience with GMP consulting and project execution, gempex knows what training for personnel is most important. Participation in countless inspections confirms that. gempex employees can provide support in just about any field, for example:

  • qualification of technical facilities and equipment
  • process and cleaning validation
  • coordinating qualification, calibration and maintenance activities
  • coordinating qualification, calibration and maintenance activities
  • periodical reviews & batch record reviews
  • review of technical documents and drawings
  • and much more

Tailored Selection Procedures, Task-oriented Training

The entire selection process for possible candidates usually has to move very quickly. This is guaranteed by gempex. Based on our own project work, we know exactly what qualification profiles are required and what competencies the applicants need. The tasks and activities are very well known. Even if a suitable, experienced candidate is not available right away – which is not surprising given today’s employment market situation – a professional recruiting process permits the rapid deployment of qualified personnel. University graduates with above-average grades are quickly prepared for employment through the comprehensive in-house training program and a briefing tailored to customer requirements. 

Current GMP Knowledge Included On Top

Through the strategic combination of compliance consultancy, project execution and Expert Leasing, the customer in addition to manpower receives current GMP know-how on top. At the gempex back office in Mannheim, the GMP experts in the project division are always ready to provide assistance with especially difficult problems. They are supported by the company’s in-house knowledge base that is always kept up to date. Individual training concepts and the regular exchange of experiences in-house complement the added value every gempex employee brings to the table.

Individually Tailored Collaboration

The final form of collaboration is determined by the customer. Support by GMP experts focused on concrete projects (contract for work and labour) or providing gempex employees to the customer for a defined period (supply of temporary workers) are options offered by gempex.


  • covering temporary work peaks with qualified personnel
  • fast deployment when customers are short staffed (maternity protection/parental leave, illness e.g.)
  • ensuring routine production and GMP compliance in unusual situations
  • support to eliminate backlogs
  • selection range of many different qualifications
  • flexible terms and deployment locations
  • replacements for absent gempex employees
  • no elaborate application processes, fast and smooth personnel selection procedures
  • consultancy know-how through external specialists in the back office