University of Hohenheim | 16 May 2018 | 5 pm | Auditorium 26 Insights into professional life as a consultant at gempex – a former student reports

Food scientists and biotechnologists listen up! Franziska Scherer, Consultant at gempex and former student in the enzyme biotechnology master course of studies, talks about starting her career with a GMP consulting firm at the University of Hohenheim. On May 16 she is reporting on the start of her professional life in the GMP field from her personal perspective.

What are the advantages of a GMP service provider for a career starter compared to the pharmaceuticals production sector? What knowledge acquired in a course of studies can be put to use directly, and where is further education required? How does gempex support the development of its employees on their way to becoming GMP experts?

These and many other questions are being answered and various occupational profiles in the GMP field are being presented jointly with Elke Bonn, Manager Human Resources at gempex. Insights into the company itself – the company philosophy, day-to-day business and company events – along with information about benefits, further development opportunities and work habits are also on the agenda.

This is not the first time that younger gempex employees in particular are presenting the occupational profile of GMP expert at their former universities and offering insights into the tasks at a GMP service provider. After all, they know all too well how difficult it is to obtain a concrete understanding of the day-to-day work in the GMP field.