Every kilometre counts! gempex runs for children with cancer

The MegaMarsch, an official running event for everyone wanting to test their physical and mental limits, was held in Frankfurt am Main on 13 October 2018. The challenge: 100 km on foot in less than 24 hours.

For taking part in this forced march, the GMP experts from Mannheim came up with something special and announced a charity run for Deutsche Leukämie-Forschungshilfe. A donation of EUR 5 per kilometre covered was made to Ortsverband Mannheim “Aktion für krebskranke Kinder”.

A total of 11 runners headed for the starting line under the gempex flag and marched off into the night starting late on Saturday afternoon – in keeping with the motto: “Every kilometre counts!” Clearly this motivated some of them to cover more distance, so that the total kilometre reading after 24 hours was no less than 488 km. Company management at gempex generously rounded up the resulting total of EUR 2,440 to EUR 3,000.

The donation was presented at the facilities of the Ortsverband Mannheim e.V. “Aktion für krebskranke Kinder” whi   has been supported by gempex for six years. The association funds research in the field of paediatric cancer, advises the parents of children with leukaemia, and also provides financial assistance to families in case of extreme need. Special emphasis however is placed on the affected children locally at the University Medical Centre Mannheim. Various projects are made available to the young patients there, such as music or art therapy, pearls of courage, the clinic clown Julchen and much more. And thanks to the association’s wish box, numerous children on the ward receive their heart’s desire. gempex is very pleased to support these outstanding efforts!

To learn more about the projects and Ortsverband Mannheim e.V., please visit www.krebskranke-kinder.de.