Qualification in the New Construction of a Logistics Centre - Reduce effort through reasonable risk management and integrated qualification

- New technical publication from gempex - Qualification in the field of Pharma-GDP

New construction projects in the field of pharmaceutical logistics require a multitude of activities to be done in parallel, with experts from a wide range of technical disciplines influencing planning and construction. While pharmaceutical requirements for GDP-compliant logistics are relatively simple, there is a considerable challenge towards the reliability of the systems. As far as qualification is concerned, time and cost pressure must be met smartly in advance. 

This is precisely where the German language article "Qualification in the new construction of a logistics centre - reducing effort through reasonable risk management and integrated qualification" by Tim Ohlrich, Manager Pharma / Biotech at gempex, comes in.

With a special focus on reflection of practice and against the background of secure GMP and GDP expertise and a healthy dose of engineering intellect, the article describes the advantages of integrated qualification and practical risk management. Enriched with useful tips and experienced suggestions.

The article is available for download at www.gempex.com/gmp-knowledge/

gempex wishes you a profitable and enjoyable read!

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