GMP expert lecture: Blockchain and GDP – hype or must have?

Increasing cost pressure and fluctuations in demand due to the increasing number of generic products have been driving structural changes in the pharmaceutical supply chain for years. The increasingly different product types with various characteristic attributes demand more flexible supply chain strategies. To what extent can blockchain technology be helpful here? How can blockchain be used in the pharmaceuticals supply chain in the first place? Is there really an advantage in regards to distribution, or is the hype about this greater than the ultimate benefit?

“Among other things, one first has to find out what blockchain applications are subject to the GDP requirements and what are the consequences in practice,” says Tim Ohlrich, Manager Pharma/Biotech at gempex and the company’s designated GDP expert. “In my presentation, I focus on potential fields of application for the blockchain technology in the pharmaceuticals supply chain and, in particular, illuminate the significance for quality assurance. What contribution blockchain can make in the first place is naturally of interest as well, along with how this technology needs to be established in practice in order to ultimately achieve positive contribution.”

Users who are frequently confronted with GDP requirements – and all other interested parties – are cordially invited to attend the presentation and subsequently pick up the discussion with Mr Ohlrich at the gempex exhibition booth D1.2.

Blockchain and GDP – hype or must have?
Tim Ohlrich, gempex GmbH
30 January 2019 | 11:30 am | Room 3
dm-Arena, trade fair Karlsruhe

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