gempex Supports CureVac as GMP Expert and Project Manager

Continuous, broad technical support in various projects in the service fields of quality control, project management, qualification, validation and routine GMP operation.

CureVac is a biopharmaceutical company pioneering the development of a new class of transformative medicines based on the messenger RNA (mRNA). The basic principle is the use of this molecule as a data carrier for information, with the help of which the body itself can produce its own active substances to combat various diseases. The focus is on prophylactic vaccines such as against CO-VID-19, novel cancer immunotherapies and molecular therapies.

gempex experts support the CureVac team in all tasks related to quality assurance and quality control in the field of biomedical research at the highest level. Flexibility, absolute reliability and also even a little bit of pioneering spirit are required in the field of GMP services.

The initial project of the ongoing collaboration was a series of laboratory relocations that had to be managed with GMP in mind. This was followed by laboratory management in quality control to bridge a resource bottleneck. Further projects were project management of new laboratory construction, support of method development and analytical technologies, representation of quality control in product development, projects, planning, coordination and execution of qualification activities, methods and cleaning validation as well as support in daily routine GMP operations.

The enormous range of tasks extends from consultancy and conceptual to executive and control activities.

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