Everyday Work in GMP Projects During the Time of the Corona Pandemic

gempex remains fully available to you

Challenges of the past months well and safely managed

The past few months have shown that the corona pandemic poses extraordinary challenges for society and companies worldwide. In the meantime, most companies have found a way to deal with the situation, have reacted and are in a kind of entrenched exceptional mode. So also with gempex.

Continuous support of our customers and protection of employees and business partners is our top priority

From the very beginning, gempex has closely monitored the development of COVID-19 infections and acted in a proactive manner. Thus, the change to the home office of employees in China as well as in Germany and Switzerland was possible without any problems. And thus, the seamless continuation of work on projects for our customers in the GMP-regulated industries. 

Situation in China 

In China, for example, everyday life has long begun again in many regions. Protected and somewhat slowed down, but productive. The focus remains on containing the pandemic. Wherever possible, remote support is provided, and appointments are made under effective protective measures. On-site inspections of all relevant regulatory authorities will be carried out again. 

Remote support and also face-to-face in China

Not all tasks can be efficiently managed remotely, such as audits or GAP analyses. Here, gempex provides GMP expertise directly from Guangzhou, China, through its subsidiary gempex China Ltd. This direct presence is an opportunity for companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to get well experienced face-to-face support for all GMP tasks in Chinese branches. For example, to become inspection-ready in compliance with the entry ban. The range of services offered by gempex China includes GMP Compliance Consultancy, 3rd Party Audits, Registration Support or SOP Services. 

gempex remains fully available for you 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the gempex management or by telephone directly to the locations in Germany, Switzerland and China.

Combined with the wish that we all continue to be successful and healthy. 

gempex GmbH - THE GMP-EXPERT