Hybrid onboarding during the COVID-19 pandemic

My name is Julia Tran. When I started at gempex in mid-2020, the pandemic was already in full swing. In keeping with the protective precautions, it was still possible to get together with a face mask and distance rules, which made it easier for me to start at the company.

Even though the majority of colleagues were already in the home office, I was able to meet some colleagues in person and make initial contacts. I waved to my colleague through the plexiglass window and was happy to take lunch breaks together outside on the bench in the courtyard.

Remote Work as a newcomer

This work routine changed quickly with the second wave approaching winter.

Since the beginning of 2021, I have been working from home at the kitchen table. gempex acted quickly and, thanks to modern equipment, I was able to work remotely without any complications. A screen, laptop elevator and keyboard were quickly set up, and so I was able to connect with colleagues all over Germany.

Regular training sessions were also held online at short notice, so nothing stopped my further development.

Cohesion in Spite of Distance

What took some time to get used to and was exhausting at first became easier as time went on. The lack of contact with colleagues was made up for by cheerful online lunchtime meetings in which people philosophized about hobbies and congratulated each other on birthdays.

Nevertheless, gempex also showed up offline on special events: Greeting cards and chocolates arrived at home. And in the summer temperatures, several chocolates quickly turned into a single large one. 

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